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Automatic, Self-Propelled, Stretch-Film, Pallet Wrapper - very good condition!

$10,500.0 by Bookoo Fan in Marshfield, Sep 06
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Automatic, Self-Propelled, Stretch-Film, Pallet Wrapper - very good condition! in Springfield

After purchasing this machine new, our company only wrapped enough pallets to use 2.5 rolls of film. The machine works well, but we no longer need it. This is your opportunity to purchase a like-new wrapper at a great price.

Girotondo AC 2.4 Automatic stretch-film wrapping machine is self-propelled, compact and ergonomic with the optional 200% power pre-stretch device for pallets up to 93” high & up to 100 pallets per day.

Included with machine:

17.5 rolls of stretch film
charging cable
shipping crate (if needed)

Detailed Information:

Powered 200% pre-stretch (doubles the film length)
Pallet height detection with photocell
Maximum useful height = 2.4 meters (7.87 feet)
Machine wraps at a distance of 125 cm (4.1 ft.) from the pallet
Uses automatic film coils: 250 mm diameter (9.842 inches); approximately 16 kg (35.274 lbs.)

The Girotondo AC wrapper is an automatic robot for wrapping medium and large quantities of pallets. The robot automatically wraps pallets of all shapes and sizes because it autonomously rotates around the product to be packed following the profile of the pallet or of the product itself. All the Girotondo models automatically detect the pallet height, with a photocell eye.

The Girotondo AC wrapper doubles the length of the original stretch film, and this pre-elongation occurs inside the device. You can adjust, with a knob, the out-feed tension of stretch film so that light or heavy pallets can be wrapped.

The film carriage has a rapid loading system to speed up reel changes. Stretch film reels with an external diameter of 250 mm (9.842 inches) and with an internal core of 50-76 mm (2 or 3 in.) can be used.

The machine is battery powered, and has a minimum throughput range of 80 pallet wraps per charge. The battery charger is on board, and to re-charge, just plug machine into a standard 120v outlet. Fast interchange capability allows the option to recharge one battery pack out of the machine while the other battery pack is on board (second battery pack is not part of this machine).

From the control panel, you can adjust the rise and descent rotation speeds, set the quantity of revolutions of film,start at the bottom or top of the pallet and automatically measure the height of the pallet (or preset it manually). The machine has 8 different wrapping programs. The machine also has a semi-automatic wrapping program for pallets with an irregular perimeter.

Adjustable parameters from Panel:

rotation speed
upward carriage speed
downward carriage speed
number of bottom rounds
number of top rounds
photocell delay
load height and photocell exclusion
film tension adjustment differentiated in each phase of the cycle
n°8 user programs
up and down cycle
only up cycle
only down cycle
alternated cycle
up and down, top sheet cycle
only up top sheet cycle
up and down cycle with reinforcements wraps
only up cycle with reinforcements wraps
manual use cycle

Easy to use:

Girotondo is the only pallet wrapping robot maneuverable from the rear. This characteristic offers the best possible ergonomics. Thanks to a patented system, the operator can carry out most operations from the back of the machine, thus considerably facilitating management, stretch film extraction and setting of controls.


Distance from side of the pallet 125cm (4.1 ft.)
Power pre-stretch of ratio 200% (doubles film length)
Quick film loading system
Spool carriage anti-falling system
Height detected by photocell
Rotation speed adjustment
Separate up and down speed adjustment
Separate regulation for bottom and top rounds
8 different wrapping cycles
Irregular-pallet semi-automatic cycle
8 different user programs
Flashing light and beeper for cycle start
Battery autonomy 80 pallets
Battery: 12v - 42Ah
Battery charger is built in
Battery charger supply 100-230v -50/60hz
Stretch film core diameter: 50-76 mm (2 or 3 inches)
Stretch film coil Max diameter 250 mm (9.84 in.)
Film cutting device built in
CE Mark


If not picked up locally, machine can be shipped by semi-truck (from zip code 65706). Purchaser is responsible for all shipping cost. Purchaser can choose to arrange shipping, or the seller can arrange the shipping. Shipping estimates can be provided if you send your zip code. Shipping and handling will take longer than usual because of shipping arrangements, crating and transport time. However, reasonable efforts will be made to ship in a timely manner. Weight = approximately 219 kg (483 lbs.)

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